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Valentine's Massacre is about creating a massacre in Valentine's day.

You are now cupid and you have in your hand the power of love!

This power is very simple. By tapping on a person walking on the screen you will make that person want love. Then if you tap on another person those two will fall in love with each other and will do anything to get together.

Yes, anything. Nothing will stop them.

That means that you can take advantage of their blind love to make them suffer terrible deaths by making them cross the streets when they really shouldn't.

The more people you kill, the more points you get!

But what's better than a single kill? A combo.

That's right, there is a "chaos" meter that will increase for every person you kill.

The higher the chaos, the faster the cars and people move in your screen and also the more points you win per kill.

But you have to be quick at chaining these combos because if you don't kill people fast enough you will lose your combo and your Chaos will go back to 1. But don't worry, you can start chaining combos again!

Unfortunately, your powers are limited. You can only create a limited amount of relationships so this means for you that for every person that is in love that is able to survive you will lose one of your lives.

If you reach 0 lives it is over for you and back to the drawing board!

To spice things up this game also includes awesome random modifiers;

-Crazy People: Everyone will go crazy and they will cross the streets!

-Crazy driver: A crazy driver will come your way and go through the sidewalks!

-Drunk driver: Your drivers will be drunk and as such will have a much easier time at crashing innocent people!

-Double chaos: Now everytime you kill someone your chaos meter goes twice as up.

-Extra life: You are lucky! You get an extra life for more killing!


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